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Message from president

Namaskar! (Greetings!)

Welcome to Paribartan Nepal. We are Non-governmental, Non-political, Non-profitable and Social organization established with a big hope of changing life of those people living in remote and rural area of the country. It was registered in a district administrative office of a Nepal government and affiliated with the social welfare council.

We are committed to make unique and developed society by bringing together to all farmers, students, civil society and concerned organization in sustainable developments activities which are a back bone of development of developing countries like Nepal. As far as agriculture and related industries are not given more emphasis than other sector, by then development of nation will be so difficult in a future. So our organization has a main goal of sustainable development beside this environment, health, education, women empowerment, peace, culture, old and children

 My special gratitude goes to Mr.prabhakar Ghimire, senior journalist of national English daily, republican media who had motivated to do many more social activities toward a rural areas people who have been still fighting for education, health, hunger and employment through a NGO, my friends and wishers.  Dedicated and professional member of Paribartan Nepal are equally thankful for their vision and work.

     As a NGO, we have accomplished a number of projects with very successful records, which are highlighted in our website. We have seen our self growing in many aspects. With every passing year, we found the new opportunity to serve the people in need. With the experience of executing many successful projects and the goodwill we have gained, we are gearing towards another year of challenge to implement the projects to ensure the improved living status of the people in the crises of hunger, diseases, environmental degradation and the conflict. We are encouraged to work more as working together for health is not just a matter of charity; it also makes economic sense and the sustainability. Investments in the health of poor people are a springboard for economic growth. We believe, it needs determination, solidarity, of mutual respect and above all, of hopes to meet the need of poor and marginalized community. Indeed, Paribartan Nepal has gained this height only due to the dedication of its staff member for the humanitarian cause even in the very hard time. On behalf of Paribartan Nepal, I would like to extend our sincere gratitude for the every cooperation we received from our stakeholders especially, green and Rural development Nepal, rdc Nepal and civil society. We never felt tired to do social job and responsibility with our team

  We welcome your ideas, suggestions and input and most importantly your participation. Look forward to more partnerships.

Mr. Karuna Kar Ghimire

President, Paribartan Nepal