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Future Plan

paribartan Nepal's future aim and plan:

our Vision and Mission

Implement different social and human welfare programs on various social sectors such as poverty, education, unemployment, health, human rights, environment, safe migration, tourism, and peace and conflict resolution, sustainable development, women empowerment and more..



Sustainable development of Nation in coordination with national/international government and non government organizations and women empowerment



  • To act as coordinator, facilitator and lobby to the government on behalf of national/international personnel, organizations, foundations and trust aspiring to work in the social factor.
  • To implement effective programs as well as conduct efficient Monitoring and Evaluation of the programs
  • To conduct National/ International NGO meetings, seminars, conference.
  • To aware different nations NGO and private organizations, specialist and other persons about the real social problems and request their help in solving it.
  • To keep records of the private and NGOs established and on the process of establishment and provide necessary information to NGOs by establishing counseling and information center about social service programs.
  • To focus on basic social and economical problems in grassroots level.
  • To facilitate information system between local Nepalese NGOs and International NGOs/donors.
  • To coordinate Nepalese NGOs, INGOs and donor in their efforts to implement their programs, in priority basis for sustainable development
  • To encourage international NGOs/organization/foundation/ trust and individual to implement project based programs in the social sector.
  • To form a “Talk to Five” Forum to encourage tourists to share their views on tourism and social development of Nepal for future reference to conduct evidence based programs based on the findings.

      . To mobilize women, rural people and farmers in a main street of developmental work

thank you in advance to all our supporters who will be together in our future goal:(